And that’s a wrap

RASA 2014 wrapped up with the race dinner on Saturday night – on a cold and wet winter’s evening, the Clan of Blanket Wearers was well represented by both existing and new members. The Stone Saddle was awarded to a very deserving Marnitz for his bike-packing adventures along the trail this year, more importantly, the spirit in which he did so. There was much talk about ‘the good weather this year, despite the many days of wind along the trail – the memories of sunshine possibly overshadowing those of the struggle. But every year is different and no year is perfect, it is what it is and you make of it what you will.

My recovery time has been one of introspection and out of that comes growth – in a difficult year in which I couldn’t finish, I definitely learnt more than if I’d had an easy time of it. So I’m grateful for the opportunity I had and I’m also grateful to those who made it possible – some of whom need to be mentioned:

Oliver Burnett and his family, from John Burnett Insurance Brokers for his tireless support and all the help in preparing for this year’s race; Gavin Horton from Gemini Sport Science for whipping me into shape before and guiding me during the race; Kim and Erik from Twisted Toast for the slick website and their enthusiasm; Matthew and Tracy from Cotic SA for putting together such a great bike; John Loos (himself a Race2Rhodes rider) for his insightful blogging and race reports this year and of course Meryl and David from the Freedom Challenge for pulling off another well run event.

I also need to thank all those who followed the race and cheered me on, when you race, you spend most of the time riding alone but it never feels lonely because you have the comfort of knowing that somewhere  somebody is following  your progress – thank you all.

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  1. Larry Wayne Paul
    Larry Wayne Paul says:

    This last tweet is just so you, you will always find the positive in any situation no matter how bad it is, well done, you are still a champ in every bodies eyes. Rest well, you deserve it

  2. kim browne
    kim browne says:

    Thank you for the shout-out Glenn. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. We are so proud of your achievements and wish you many more exhilarating adventures 🙂 Your perfect race is still out there!


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